Merit Academy is a structured, nurturing, academic environment that serves K-12th grade students with learning, social, emotional, conduct disorders and/or chromosomal conditions. Teacher to student ratios range from 5:1 to 10:1. The appropriate ratio is determined by a student’s developmental needs.


We implement multisensory learning techniques, behavior modification, gross/fine motor activities, family support, character building, and social skills training daily. We also emphasize receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language into each school day. 


Merit Academy is committed to preparing students and their families to thrive and grow with independence and accountability in life while implementing an individualized, holistic, structured, nurturing approach at school, home, and in the community.


Our vision is to build a school that is a resource to students, their families, and the community for learning, living independently, and growing, despite the challenges they were born with.

Each student’s academic and behavioral plan is customized and based on pre-existing and on-site evaluations. Learning styles are assessed and addressed with a multi-sensory approach. Students are taught on their own academic level with remedial and/or enrichment curriculum for students who are behind academically or gifted.Classes take frequent field trips into the community as reinforcement and to supplement our curriculum.

Merit Academy also offers before care and after care for families who need it as well as extra-curricular after school activities. A social group meets twice a week after school. Dance/Yoga Club and Fitness Club are also offered one day a week after school. Private tutoring is available as well as educational training and support for parents, including home-based behavior modification training for the family.

  1.  A holistic approach is necessary for life-long learning and independence.

  2. All students should be treated with respect, dignity, and as an individual.

  3. Diversity should be embraced and promoted in the learning environment.

  4. School should be a clean, organized, & sanitary environment that does not distract from learning. 

  5. Accountability is an integral part of life and learning, for students and staff.

  6. Each student deserves a fair, individualized, challenging curriculum and behavior plan that prepares them for life.

  7. All students thrive in a structured, nurturing 

  8. Our name is our virtue. All students are worthy of MERIT, to claim respect and praise.