Admissions Checklist


  • One or both parents/guardians who make educational decisions for the student must attend the tour. - Tours usually last 1 hour. (A second tour will include a $100 fee.)


  • Bring any/all evaluations, testing, current school documents, diagnosis, prescribed therapies for your child, and a list of questions you may have.


  • Per the information shared during the tour, the Director may invite your child to visit for half a day to informally asses the student in the classroom, or she may refer the family to a more appropriate school program, should Merit Academy not be appropriate.


  • If invited, the child should visit within 2 weeks of the tour. Visits are usually scheduled Tuesdays-Thursdays, 8:30am-12:00pm.


  • After the visit, administrators and staff will meet to determine if the child is an appropriate candidate for Merit Academy and if so, which program is appropriate. Parents will be notified within 24 hours if the child has been accepted.


  • If the child is determined to be a candidate for Merit Academy, the legal parent/guardian will be required to sign a binding tuition contract with payment options (financing available) along with a $2,000 deposit to hold the child’s spot in the program.


  • The parent/guardian will need to download the “Admissions Packet” ( and must submit them along with shot records or an exemption letter, testing (if available), previous school documents, and a $250 supply fee prior to the student’s first day of attendance.


  • School Uniforms must also be purchased before the student’s first day of attendance, as the student must wear a uniform every day, including the first day.


  •  Extra Curricular enrollment forms will be sent the first week of attendance and are optional (ie: Dance/Yoga Club, Fitness Club, Special Olympics, Social Skills Group, etc.) 


Please call for the latest tuition prices.