SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS


A family may apply for a Merit Academy Scholarship for their student age K-12th grade in the 2017-2018 school year if the family/student meets one of the following criteria:


- Student is a foster child


- Student’s family meets income criteria per tax forms and/or check stubs for the previous/ current year.


- Existing student’s family has extenuating financial need. A petition will be required in writing and this will be a board decision (proof will be required).


- Applications may be submitted to the School Director anytime after August 2010. The board will decide within 30 days or at the next monthly board meeting, whichever comes first. Scholarships are awarded based on criteria and the amount of funds available that have been raised in the scholarship fund. Partial scholarships may be granted and are dependent upon the time of the application and the time remaining for the school year.


- Income Criteria will be determined by the following family size and income. These figures may be amended annually by the board of directors based on current cost of living:


Family Size/Income for 2017-2018 estimates:

2 - $38,704
3 - $36,132
4 - $45, 572

5 - $51,012


Each additional family member equals $7,440


Family Size:
*Family size includes those who can be claimed on tax returns and any person for whom the parent/guardian is responsible for and provides over half of their support. Additional information may be requested.


Upon acceptance:
Parents/students will abide by the parent/student handbook. Parents will inform the school of any financial changes within the granted school year. Parents will need to resubmit an application/petition if they wish to apply for another school year at the time of tuition renewal. Scholarships will be awarded based on criteria and the amount of funds available in the scholarship fund. 



Merit is currently accepting students who exhibit signs of or have been diagnosed with any of the following:


  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (moderate-high)


  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)


  • Asperger's Syndrom


  • Sensory Processing Disorder


  • Bipolar Disorder


  • Anxiety


  • Depression


  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


  • Learning Delays


  • Nonverbal Learning Disorder


  • Down Syndrome


  • Or others not listed above